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Fix Problems Opening Norton – Norton Support Number

The Norton not opening is one of the bizarre and complicated situations faced by the users of Norton. It usually occurs when you forgot to update your Norton product and avoid the general important aspects such as maintaining security settings on regular basis. But if you take care of proper care, the issues can be resolved in an easy way. If you are consistently trying to install or open Norton and it isn’t moving an inch, you must try the below-given methods or alternatively you can call the Norton Support Number.

Partial Download:

In order to download your Norton’s software, you use the Norton Download Manager as it is the most authentic way to get a Norton product. As per experts, the usual and common Norton errors such as Norton isn’t opening occurs due to an incomplete download or interrupted installation. So, you need to get the basics clear before performing any advanced troubleshooting. Look for the incomplete download files and remove it. Remove the download manager from your device, reboot it and try to install it again.

Quick- Fix:

If Norton isn’t starting correctly, there are three major errors associated with it namely “8504,104,” “8506,421” and “3048,3”. These errors occur when the startup fails while trying to download Norton’s product. To resolve these error codes, you can simply reboot your computer, this will clear the memory and cache filed which might interfere in the functioning of Norton. This will fix the temporary issues to a great extent.


You must check your downloaded files for virus or infection, if it’s free from all virus and security threats, you can simply uninstall and Reinstall the program. Use the Norton Removal tool and delete the Norton product from your device. Then Run the Microsoft Security Essential, an inbuilt virus removal tool in Windows can help you. Call Norton Customer Service Number to get in done in short and hassle-free.

Stalled Element:

The error 3048,3 can occur every time you try to Launch Norton on your device. It prolongs even after re-installing Norton as it is quite a stubborn error. You can get help from Norton intelligent updater and update the component which is promoting the error. This will update Norton software when you try to open the software.

If the issues aren’t getting fixed even after trying the above-given methods calling the Norton Technical Support is the  most recommended step you can take. The experts will deal with your concern and get into the depth of the problem and hit where it required to retain the normal functionality of Norton product.

Norton Security Installation Problems – Norton Customer Care

You can deny that Norton is the most loved antivirus of the time. It protects your device from numerous security threats such as a virus, malware, Trojans, adware, and hackers who have spread their roots over the and consistently making efforts to enter into your data and misuse it. You cannot play with the security of your data as it includes the most crucial information be it professional or personal. For all those users who are highly conscious of their device and web security, Norton is boon for those. Norton has the most fascinating range of features which has several levels of security to act as an efficient guard for your device and web browsing. For more information, Norton Customer Care can be your perfect guide.

Check the Serial key and product key

But at any points in time, the installation doesn’t work as smoothly as possible. Furthermore, Security key and serial numbers play a major role in the installation of Norton product, by enabling you to keep track on your installation. So, make sure you always have the right serial number and product key for the Norton product you have chosen. You can get the product key on the box of the CD/DVD for the Norton or if you are downloading the file from Symantec official, you can get it from the official website.

Disable the Windows Firewall:

If you use Firewall protect while installing the Norton antivirus, it can interfere in the installation and prevent you from launching the software. You must stop the firewall to complete the installation of Norton in a hassle-free manner. To disable the firewall, go to the Start menu followed by Control panel and then the Internet. Once the Internet dialog box opens you can simply uncheck the Firewall and disable it.

Clean Some Space on the hard drive:

Norton files may be bigger than the space you have on your device, if you are running out of space, you need to delete some of the temporary files and other trash data and clean some space for Norton installation. Also, you can remove the unused applications and extensions to maintain the optimum speed of your device.

Remove and Re-install:

The last thing you can try with the Norton antivirus website, remove it thoroughly and start the installation from zero. All you need is the remove and re-install tool or you can simply delete the previously installed file and get the updated file from the official website of Norton. Or call upon Norton Customer Support Service for the real-time assistance.

This is how you can use the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool:

  • Download the tool from the official website of Norton.
  • Hold Ctrl+J key on your keyboard and open the download folder.
  • Tap twice on the NRnR.
  • Tap in Agree on the license agreement,
  • Click on Remove and Re-install.
  • Tap continue and then remove.
  • Restart your device.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and re-install the Norton antivirus.

If the issues are still presuming and you are no more able to deal with it, dial the toll-free Norton Help and Support and let the technicians handle the problem with their advanced tool and techniques. The professional will assist you throughout the installation by adjusting the required settings and making the required changes on your device.

Compatibility Issues with Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus ensures all-around protection from viruses, spyware, malware and other unwanted threats. With technology getting advanced these days, the threats are also increasing every day as a technological advancement has its own limitation. Virus attacks are very common these days and they can enter your system in any form such as email attachments or any download link.

It is better to keep your system equipped with a powerful antivirus software which can serve all the security purposes than to lose all your data stored therein. There is no other better option than using Norton Antivirus. It has all the highly advanced security features which provide excellent protection to your device. Generally, Norton Antivirus is compatible with all the devices. However, under some circumstances, you can encounter certain compatibility issues with Norton Antivirus.

In order to acquire extra protection, some of us tend to install more than one antivirus in our system which can lead to malware infections, poor computer performance, and program errors. A single antivirus is efficient enough to scan and update virus definitions. There is no need to install more than one antivirus at the same time as programs like Norton Antivirus works to provide all in one solution such as anti-phishing, email protection, and firewall protection.

Our Norton Antivirus Support can help you deal with any of the compatibility issues you are facing with Norton Antivirus. We can clear all your doubts regarding why it is not compatible with your system as well as provide you appropriate measures to remove all the obstructions.

Some of the antivirus target different categories of virus, hence they cannot be considered compatible with each other and one has to be removed in order to let the other software function properly. However, you can use an additional firewall with Norton Antivirus in order to add more protection.

Sometimes when we uninstall a particular antivirus software from our system, it is not completely removed from the system and some traces may remain on your computer which can give rise to compatibility issues. You have to ensure complete removal of the previously installed antivirus so that the newly installed can work to its fullest. To completely remove an antivirus from your system, you can download a removal tool from the product’s website and by using it get the product uninstalled completely.

We will thoroughly guide you about the possible compatibility issues and their possible solutions.

Norton 360 Support Number is the best way to receive unlimited support for your Norton Antivirus. A secure place where you can keep all your doubts related to installation/un-installation, up-gradation, configuration, setup, compatibility, etc. and our certified technicians will use their advanced technical skills to solve your issues there and then. We believe in complete customer satisfaction which leads to our ultimate satisfaction. All the technical glitches are handled with experienced without any negligence on our part.


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